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15 Best UX Designer Portfolios for 2021

Chethan KVS

First off on our list on the 15 Best UX Designer Portfolios for 2021 is Chethan KVS.

A Design Evangelist of Apple, Chethan KVS a.k.a The Design Pilot in social media is known for his passion to teach and mentor new designers coming into the field. His vast knowledge and skills can be understood by the number of courses he has curated and not to mention his stunning presence on every platform.

Chethan KVS - Best UX Designer Portfolio 2021

Why do we like his portfolio?

Chethan hosts a non-conventional dark themed portfolio which leaves nothing to the imagination. His passion as a UX designer comes through from the well-constructed case studies. He shares his thought process in a conversational tone which lets you understand even the most complex problems.

The problem with being good at a lot of things can be about communicating them correctly. But Chethan does a fantastic job of sectioning his portfolio into the different things he casually juggles in his life.

Key Takeaways

  1. Use of storytelling to communicate skills, abilities and design philosophy. Everyone has their own story to tell, so use that to captivate your readers.
  2. Use of data points to showcase his experience and growth. Numbers don’t just work in your projects, they work to showcase your impact too. 
  3. A great reference for those trying to create a dark website. If this is your style and personality, you need to embrace it and break out of the norm.

Johny Vino

Johny Vino is a HI designer at Apple, who has previously worked at Microsoft Zoho and Byju’s. His design is all about making complex problems and data simple and visual. His experience in the field allows him to seamlessly merge user goals with business goals.

Johny Vino - Best UX Designer Portfolio 2021

Why do we like his portfolio?

One of the main reasons why he makes it to our list of Best UX Designer Portfolios, is because every portfolio needs a intriguing factor which would make the reader curious. Every portfolio needs to make an impact shortly after someone sees it. Johny starts off with a powerful statement “Humanize the design”, followed by his strengths and backing it up with the big companies he has worked for. Any reader will be convinced to look for more information with that impact.

By reading his case studies and other works, he provides proof of concept to his philosophy by simplifying all the problems users face. This extends to even his website design, where he gives readers the option to switch between light and dark themes. He uses a pop-up screen to feature his full case studies, to give a glimpse into his in-depth process behind his designs which is crisp and to the point. Johny Vino has been her for a long time and if you’re a Dribbble user there’s no way you would have missed out his interaction/motion designs for which he is very popularly known for.

Key Takeaways

  1. It is important to translate your design sensibilities in your portfolio for maximum impact – Johny’s delightful interactions like “copy this email id” hover over his Email just goes to prove how thoughtful he is as a designer.
  2. He is an engineer turned designer – who uses knowledge from both domains to code and create his website. As a person coming from a different profession, you need to find a niche you can showcase, like him.
  3. His project hero images are not your standard ones. He allows his users to have quick glances of final designs, project role and type in the home page itself. This should teach you to break out of the norm and do justice to your work.

Olivia Truong

Olivia Truong - Best UX Designer Portfolio 2021

Olivia Truong is a product designer working in Hopper, New York originally from Toronto, Canada. She is a collaborative designer who spreads her knowledge by mentoring those in need and creating useful resources for the design community.

Apart from UX design, her vast expertise in illustrations and branding gives her an edge.

Why do we like her portfolio?

As opposed to the last two portfolio’s we spoke about, Olivia Truong brings us back to her minimalistic land of colours and lightness. It is always good to stay true to your personality, which we see changing from one designer to the other.

She uses a unique way of introducing her projects by asking a question which the project details answers. We think this a good way to get readers to get into your case study. Using her way with colours, she highlights important insights in her case studies which has a good balance of text and visuals.

Key Takeaways

  1. Olivia follows a clear process in her case studies, which she supports by adding photos and illustrations. Build your readers interest in your work by doing the same, by adding real and relatable elements.
  2. She always ends with “Next Steps” and explains how her product performed and any new additions she could have added to help it better. Do not just end your projects with the final image or prototype, let your readers know what you learnt and what happened to your designs.
  3. Through her about page, we get to know her as more than a product designer. Her personality shines through and she does things outside her work hours. Recruiters are always curious to know who you are as a person too. So don’t be shy to add in any such information.

Simon Pan

Known for his exceptional case studies and stint in the world of UX design, Simon is featured on almost every “Best UX Designer portfolio” list and with good reason. A product designer by trade, he has led the development of the major aspects of all our lives like Uber, Amazon prime music and Google News. 

Simon Pan - Best UX Designer Portfolio 2021

Why do we like his portfolio?

Apart from his rationale filled case studies which all of us have ogled at, the overall design of his website screams simplicity and ease of. A UX designer’s website needs to communicate abilities and personalities which Simon has mastered.

Having worked for big clients, he still manages to craft a case study that is under NDA by including the right details that satisfies our curiosity.

His inclusion of “Now playing” and “Now reading” adds the right amount of connection.

Key Takeaways

  1. Crafting a simple yet powerful portfolio where the work speaks for itself.
  2. Adding the perfect balance of professional and personal details
  3. Accessible, with bigger fonts and icons which makes it easy for anyone to read

Amy Wutoo

Amy Wutoo is a Product Designer at Microsoft leading Money in Excel. In a world filled with technology in every aspect of our lives, she is the flagbearer of people.

In her designs, she chooses to serve them first. 

Amy Wutoo - Best UX Designer Portfolio 2021

Why do we like her portfolio?

Her case studies start off on an amazing note by highlighting some key parameters like Success Metric, Business Goals, Timeline and the major problem. These give a quick gist of her work in the project.

Also worth mentioning is her use of very short sentences to convey information under a subheading. It encourages readers to scan through all the text quickly which is a great win for her. Even long case studies when constructed like hers can be very easy to read through.

She definitely has a way to keep her readers hooked. In her about section she highlights her philosophy of being a champion of the users through a story.

Key Takeaways

  1. She uses pictures of herself in the process – which gives us a glimpse into her work style and her in a work setting. This definitely adds some credibility to her work and we can picture her going through all the processes.
  2. Use of simple sentences to construct an easy to read case study.
  3. Simple and minimal style

Austin Knight

Austin Knight is the Lead designer at Google, who builds products that people love.

He has worked on developing the Chrome browser of Google, helping Hubspot multiply their conversion rates and has even designed an application for COVID-19 tracing in a partnership between Google and Apple.

Austin Knight - Best UX Designer Portfolio 2021

Why do we like his portfolio?

An overall interesting thing about Austin’s portfolio is that storytelling is incorporated into everything he does. His one page website flows like a story, there are no separate areas of “Work” or “About me” sections.

As you scroll down the page, you learn more and more about him through his work. We cannot stress enough about the power of storytelling in your portfolio and daily design process. 

Austin’s case studies are no different. If you check out his Hubspot case study, he presents you with winning metrics right at the beginning.

What else can be a better way of saying that your product worked? Overall his website screams his qualities as a designer and a human.

Key Takeaways

  1. Presenting case studies / projects with your personal process. Austin’s case studies follow the timeline of how him and his team solved a problem. There are no signs of conforming to any one format which is very refreshing to see.
  2. Right below his header image, he has a timeline of his experience which is also clickable. Adding such small aspects of delight can really make you memorable.
  3. He uses some personal branding which is derived from his last name “Knight”. 

Vandana Pai

Vandana Pai is a Senior Product Designer at Spotify who loves collaboration, User research and brainstorming solutions. She previously worked at BOX, an enterprise product where she focussed on end-user experience.

Vandana Pai - Best UX Designer Portfolio 2021

Why do we like her portfolio?

Previously we spoke about creating a unifying theme for your portfolio website by establishing your design philosophy.

Vandana has done the same by creating a brand for herself. “Life of Pai” as she calls it is a play on her last name and you can even see a cute little pie as her favicon. But it’s not too out there. 

Her website is all about clean lines and easy access to information. Most of her case study content relies on visuals accompanied by explanations which makes it really easy to understand what she is talking about.

But the best part of the website is her about section. She has crafted a small yet comprehensive story about her design journey.

And her addition of “current obsession” being West world immediately makes her relatable.

Key Takeaways

  1. She has the right blend of professional and personal to create a connection with readers. This harmony is very hard to achieve, but she knows exactly how she wants others to see her.
  2. Minimalist approach always works. Her entire website has not one information that is extra or an add on. If you are not too sure about your own portfolio, stick to her style of adding the basics.

Yi Nie

Yi Nie is a Product designer at Affirm from San Francisco, USA.  With a background in Electrical and Electronic engineering, she did her Masters in Human Computer Interaction.

Yi Nie - Best UX Designer Portfolio 2021

Why do we like her portfolio?

Her portfolio website is a delight to browse with an amazing dark theme complete with micro animations and interactions.

Talk about crafting delightful experiences! She introduces herself as someone who solves complex problems and you believe it because of the attention to detail her website focuses on. Most portfolios add in elements like Information flow structure diagrams and other processes but often they end up being hard to read.

But this is not the case here. All her flow diagrams and explorations are very easy to read. And with everything following the style and pattern, you know where to look for what information.

Key Takeaways

  1. Separate highlights of her other works. Yi Nie’s “Side Work” tab fully sheds light on her other skills like coding, illustrations, lettering and UI design. She is proud to be able to match her UX skills with these other skills. If you are someone who has some interests and skills that can add value to your work, you should highlight them too.
  2. Own your style like Yi Nie. She nailed her branding and style by perfecting her website and that just adds so many brownie points to her as a designer.

Daniel Korpei

Daniel Korpei is a Product designer at Invision. He positions himself as someone who brings together design, business and marketing given his background in International business and marketing psychology. He believes in the power of making things simple and polished.

Daniel Korpai - Best UX Designer Portfolio 2021

Why do we like his portfolio?

Daniel’s portfolio is all about delivering top experience to his readers. His choice of colors is so refreshing and adds a new dimension to his otherwise minimal design.

He is one of the few people who has chosen to use prototypes in his hero images for projects. I mean if a potential client were to see this, there is a higher chance of them deciding to spend more time looking through his work. 

Daniel knows who his target audience is and he caters to them by adding several details. For instance the call to action at the top of his page “Let’s create something new” for clients to propose new ideas to him”. He also has an added tab of “Products” where all his design resources are available for viewing. 

For an experienced designer like him, having these clear demarcations makes it easy for certain types of users to access his content.

Key Takeaways

  1. Sticking to one medium for one type of content. For example, all his UI work is arranged on Dribble whereas all his case studies can be found on Medium which are really informative as well. This shows us that you need not always have all your work optimised for your website. Your portfolio website can be an aggregator of all that you can do and take your readers to different sites.
  2. He used powerful imagery and GIfs to keep users captivated. A big takeaway from Daniel’s website is that it leaves you with a feeling that yes he is someone who can solve my problems. Always try to achieve this goal through your own portfolio website.

Shawn Park

Si Hyun a.k.a Shawn Park is a San Francisco based Interface and Product designer currently working at Discord.

He specialises in creating delightful interfaces that make using complex technology easy. He is also a growing cook, gamer and traveller who has been given an Honorable mention by Awwwards for his then portfolio website.

Shawn Park - Best UX Designer Portfolio 2021

Why do we like his portfolio?

Shawn’s portfolio shows off his skills in the Gaming space and his case studies are really easy to read. He embraces his Korean roots by incorporating a modern take on Korean art in his website with Korean text accompanying his English text.

His projects are synonymous with the places he has previously worked at, giving us a two in one picture of past experience and the work done there. Through his portfolio, he impresses not just with his projects but the content he chooses to showcase on the site too.

He is someone who believes in redesigning your portfolio every year and he shows his own process of yearly re-design in an interactive timeline format.

Key Takeaways

  1. Embracing your identity and using that to tell your story. Adding the right amount of personal touch like culture and values into your portfolio only goes to the type of person the hiring manager will be working with. Without even meeting you, they can decide if they like your personality.
  2. Propagating what you believe in without any qualms – By using his portfolio redesign every year concept he shows that he is always willing to improve from his former self. Personally we love the metaphors he’s creating through his website.
  3. To be bold and proud of your work. Shawn is supremely proud of what he has done and it speaks through his website. He slowly builds his readers confidence in him by adding encouraging details like his design beliefs and aspects of his personal life.

Elizabeth Wang

Elizabeth is a communication design student minoring in Human Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon University. In her own words, she has passion for bringing people together through design.

Elizabeth Wang - Best UX Designer Portfolio 2021

Why do we like her portfolio?

As a communication student working in the UX field, she brings in her expertise in the form of storytelling and communicating through easy to understand projects. Her portfolio is styled like a newspaper comic strip, with her character popping up here and there to say hi. This cool animation showcases her personality and personality driven websites were one of our main criteria for making our selections for the Best UX Designer Portfolios.

She has also packed several little delights into her portfolio. Her hover mouse for instance and her About page with her face animating on touch adds a touch of her personality to her portfolio.

Key Takeaways

  1. Creating the perfect blend of minimalism and sophistication. There is almost no additional visual load while going through Elizabeth’s portfolio, even though she has a lot of projects mentioned there. This automatically can ensure your reader stays on your page longer than they intended to.
  2. Adding snippets of experiences that are uniquely you. You need not stick to showcasing your personality only in your about page. Introduce yourself from the moment a person lands on your page.

Thiago Dalcin

Thiago is a Motion designer turned Senior Product Designer based in Berlin. He is passionate about Design and Anthropology and believes in creating an impact through his designs.

Thiago Dalcin - Best UX Designer Portfolio 2021

Why do we like his portfolio?

Setting another example for a clean and modern portfolio feel, Thiago adds his moments of delight through his seamless micro-interactions. The subtle movements make it the right amount of dynamic.

Now here’s how we know he is a great designer – all his embedded images in his portfolio case studies are zoomable to the point of being able to understand every single word on a sticky note. It is really easy to add in the process of your work but to take the time to make it accessible and readable really sets you apart.

We really love such attention to detail and so will all his clients and readers. It is a no brainer that his case studies are a delight to read, it is so inviting, you will end up going through his whole process, just like we did.

Key Takeaways

  1. Make your supporting documents easy to read – there is no point in adding your extra long user flows if no one is able to understand anything from it. Spend the time to take clear pictures or digitise them and add that zoom feature.
  2. Micro interactions when used well can give a really good feel to your portfolio. We do not recommend adding an animation everywhere, but finding the right balance can make yours memorable.
  3. Highlighting important content to make your case studies crisp and easy to read.

Tracy Chan

Tracy Chan is a Canadian UX/UI designer, who is currently pursuing Interaction design at Vancouver. She specialises in UI/UX, Visual design and Interaction. She can also code and do amazing digital art and has plenty of mentions from design competitions and collaborations.

Tracy Chan - Best UX Designer Portfolio 2021

Why do we like her portfolio?

Tracy has coded her own website which has brought her an honourable mention in Bestfolio’s. As a dark themed website, she has combined the art of minimalism and interactions to give her readers a great reading experience. Definitely deserves to be on our list of Best UX Designer Portfolios.

Her case studies are unique as she comes from a Communication design background but what really shines here is her design philosophy and personality.

Key Takeaways

  1. Let your personality shine through your website.
  2. If you have a unique design process, given your hybrid career, be bold and embrace it to add a new spin on the UX world
  3. Bring the complete package, like Tracy – the best of UX and UI packed in an amazing experience.

Kyson Dana

Kyson Dana is an Art director and a Designer from San Francisco, who loves crafting good stories.He is currently leading the digital design work at Rivian.

He has previously worked for Tesla, SolarCity and a long list of other companies.

Kyson Dana - Best UX Designer Portfolio 2021
Kyson Dana

Why do we like his portfolio?

As a storyteller and brand designer, Kyson’s work narrates the stories of how great designs came to life. With intriguing headers like “Wild ideas gone wild” and “What if we”, his case studies processes are unique to the problems he has solved for.

This shows that adaptability is vital in approaching different kinds of problems. His unique style and UI sensibilities are definitely great, but they act as a platform for uplifting his work and process. He also uses different videos to convey messages.

Key Takeaways

  1. If you excel in more than one core field, like Kyson having separate tabs for each of your domains will work well in sending clients to the right destination
  2. Knowing how to mould the UX design process to suit the problem and users you are trying to design for

Jonathan Patterson

Jonathan is a Freelance Product designer from Detroit. He is a designer with some firm opinions about products that cannot be shipped and shattering the status quo.

Jonathan Patterson - Best UX Designer Portfolio 2021

Why do we like his Portfolio?

Probably one of the most unique portfolio’s you will ever come across, Jonathan is unabashed about his style, process and opinion. This clearly comes across from his box layout website. He backs up all his claims of having a portfolio with real projects with his in-depth case studies with a balanced amount of text and visuals.

In his personal project of creating stickers for iMessage, you can see the level of detailing he slips into no matter the type of project. From teaching himself new skills to having a long term vision, he’s covered all aspects of his thinking process in his portfolio.

Key Takeaways

  1. If you have an opinion and if you can back it up with strong projects, people will respect your words. Jonathan makes a lot of claims and when you dive into his projects you understand the processes that shaped him and his style.
  2. Breaking the stereotype. We understand that getting to the level of personalisation and style as Jonathan’s portfolio takes more than just being a good designer. But be open to abstract your journey, struggles and lessons in life into your portfolio to create something truly unique and yours.


These are the top among all the portfolios we have analysed and we have discussed why they stood out to us. But a key aspect to remember while working on your own portfolios is to stay true to your identity and personality. Understanding why some websites work and what makes them stand out can help you in adding those elements to your own portfolio.

But the job is not done by just adding them, you need to add it in such a way that it flows with your ideologies and vision. If you need to know the exact steps you need to take to build one amazing portfolio, do check out this article.

We publish all the content you need to ace your UX career right here at Thrilla.design.

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