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We aspire to connect designers with the right people who are looking for them.

And, share our experiences along the way to budding designers.

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We believe if UX Case Studies are published in its own exclusive platform, then the designer’s work gets more exposure without marketing him/her self. No other distraction and hence more attention. Since the audience is purely UX professionals or recruiters, designers get connected with the right people who are looking for them or such case studies.

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UX Designers most of the time rely on open-source info for kick-starting their career in design. We want to provide all the information which would provide designers with the guidance to kick start their career in the right way. Be it through articles, videos, ebooks or any other format.

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We would love to publish it. And have you join us to see for yourself how this all works for the benefit of yourself & the community.

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We curate and feature high-quality case studies which mean both the author and the audience can rest assured to find only the best quality content.

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Thrilla is nothing without the designers, recruiters and writers who are constantly supporting it. We are always looking to inspire and share stories of more such people.

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