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Best Fitness Apps UX Case Studies

Whether for the sake of keeping up with the trends or for the sake of caring for their health, people are getting more and more enthusiastic about Fitness. With the negative correlation between time spent working and physical activity, mobile applications are trying to motivate, encourage and push people to meeting basic goals at the comfort of wherever they are.

More technological inventions in the likes of fitness bands, trackers and even AR moving into this industry, lots of designers are creating innovative solutions to solve problems in this area.

Here is a comprehensive list of some of the Best Fitness Apps UX Case Studies:

1. Fitbit: the UX behind the habit of exercise — a UX case study

Author: Stacey Wang, Product Designer

Fitbit is one of the biggest tracker bands used by fitness enthusiasts and others to keep track of their fitness goals. As an avid user and a UX Designer, Stacey produces a strong case for making minimal changes to the app to help Fitbit’s theme of pushing people to change their habits.

In a redesign, testing plays a crucial role, and she neatly represents how with each testing of her added features, users performed better or worse. A special shout out to her for comparing old and new designs side by side.

Fitbit - Gym UX Case Study

Things you can learn:

  • IDEO Design Process
  • Job stories framework
  • How to choose high priority problems ( we as designers cannot solve all the problems of a product)
  • How to construct a good story based case study with evidence

2. Runkeeper – A Usability Case study

Author: Peter Petrovics, Product Designer at Synapse

If you are a designer wondering how to conduct a quick and efficient usability test of an existing application, look at this one. Peter starts off the project with clear objectives and some assumptions. He then quickly confirms and alters these through research and usability testing.

The way he mentions the changes brought about by his study with metrics is a great way to keep readers excited at the beginning of the read.

Even though the number of problems he tackles here are very less, the depth of research and testing done for those problems are commendable.

Runkeeper - Best Fitness Apps UX Case Studies - Gym UX Case Study

Things you can learn:

  • Guerilla Testing
  • Presenting a redesign
  • Tackling even the smallest of problems

3. Seven Movements app – UI design & Case study

Author: Imogen Geddes

Who does not love being able to exercise at their office desk or their living room? And in 7 minutes!

That is what Seven movements do and to help them create an application suitable for 55+ year-olds, Imogen and his team stepped in. Their use of the Gut test to understand their client’s vision is a great way to start the project.

With a web application already in place, their detail to create the style guide, right down to testing colors on color blind people is what we really appreciate in this study (accessibility issues are real people).

Definitely give this UI case study a read, if you wish to understand how to make informed UI decisions.

Seven Movements - Best Fitness Apps UX Case Studies - Gym UX Case Study

Things to learn:

  • How to design for an older demographic
  • Accessibility and colour tests
  • Research-based UI

4. Jefit: A Popular Bodybuilding and Workout Logger

Author: Derek Mei, UX Designer at Play Media

Although this is yet another case study of a popular US based fitness app, the reality is, there are so many products out there. Instead of creating new ones, we should be focussing on pointing out pain points like Derek in this study.

Since he uses the weightlifting feature, he understands very well what the app lacks but he also procures proof from other users and forums. The success rate denoter at the end of the project is a good way to judge if the project worked or failed.

Jefit - Bodybuilding and Workout Logger - Best Fitness Apps UX Case Studies - Gym UX Case Study

Things to learn

Conducting quick research

5. Wellness Cycling App

Author: Jason James

Core fitness apps are not the only way people aim to achieve fitness. There are other modes like Cycling, which has been carefully tackled by Jason in this wellness cycling app.

The wellness app is based on information collected from various social channels like reddit and linkedIn.

From market research to creating a brand identity, Jason has done it all ending with a video prototype and coding! If you are someone looking to go all in, you should check this one out!

Wellness Cycling App - Best Fitness Apps UX Case Studies - Gym UX Case Study

Things to learn:

  • Agile design process
  • Using hand and paper tools to ideate
  • Spending the right amount of time on each step

6. FitterME – Complete Fitness

Author: Nisha Tibrewala

Most of us who are trying to use applications to help us in our fitness journey struggle with managing multiple apps and connecting the data amongst them.

Nisha tackles this exact problem in an easy to understand case study. Her choice of supporting the design process with visuals like the persona and empathy map greatly helps in consuming all the content without feeling like it’s heavy.

Even the breakdown of survey questions into 3 little categories helps understand the intent.

FitterME - Complete Fitness - Best Fitness Apps UX Case Studies - Gym UX Case Study

Things to Learn:

  • How to present a usability test analysis
  • Use of visuals and text to make it easy to read
  • How to use competitive analysis

7. Keeping fitness users motivated

Author: Alvaro Alcaraz Dilgado

There is a high relatable factor with Alvaro’s rexit fitness case study. As a student and a new designer, he sets out to create a project with great use of techniques and thought process.

We really dig the dinosaur names and associations to different types of workout modes in the app and the video prototype demo.

Although it can be improved greatly, this case study can help you learn how to break out of your shell and just get it done.

Keeping fitness users motivated - Best Fitness Apps UX Case Studies

Things you can learn:

  • Lean survey canvas
  • MosCow method of prioritisation
  • How to welcome feedback like a pro


We hope this compilation of Fitness based UX case studies help you in penning your own thoughts in a much more guided and articulate way. These learnings would definitely help you in building really good UX Case Studies in whichever field you’re doing a project in. Good case studies contribute to almost 75% of the effectiveness of a UX Portfolio. To know more about building the best UX Portfolio, do check out this article giving you a step by step process of building one for yourself.

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